2019 Carpe Dag'em Tour

Carpe Dag'em

The beginning plans are well underway.  I have a list of cities, and now I'm looking for dates, events, travel logistics and meeting space to bring this tour to life!  Please select the city or cities you would like to have more information about.  

New This year, is the Virtual Option!  If you can't make it to one of the cities below, we will also be tracking steps and miles in the WhysWingmen Group on the same days as the actual events!  This makes it fun for everyone!

You don't need to be a runner.. you don't even need to walk, feel free to just get on the list and meet us at the event to say hello!

More details will come to your inbox, so get registered now, Deliberately!!

See you soon!  

*The dates listed below are tentative.  
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